Salsa AND bachata classes


6 Weeks Salsa & Bachata Course - Weekly Class Starts Tuesday 9th of Novembre


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Get The SALSA BUG With Us!

Have fun with us while learning the Basic steps, timing and Partner turns of Salsa Dancing.

No prior dance experience Required

No partner required

“Im Dancing Almost 6 Months Now And I Just Can Get Enough… My Only Regret Is Not Starting Years Ago”

Salsa Class Structure

Complete Beginners

From 0-6 lessons

This level is aimed towards complete beginner students who will learn to dance the basic step, rhythm, and timing. You get an introduction to Salsa steps and simple partner work. It’s a lot of FUN!


From 6 lessons or more

This Level is aimed towards students who have already learned the basic steps as complete beginner students. This is a continuation of the beginners level. The focus is mainly on partner work and footwork.


This level is aimed at those that have over a year in constant learning process 

Salsa classes in Dalkey


What Would You Learn?

In our 6 weeks Salsa Course, you will learn essential lead & follow techniques and be introduced to beginner turns and combinations that will build a good foundation for you as a dancer, but also fun moves you can use on the dance floor right away! 

You will learn progressively with the same group of people in a longer class, all the social dancing skills necessary to feel comfortable on the dance floor!


  • 6 weeks course
  • 90 minutes weekly class
  • Not partner need it!
  • 6 weeks course
  • 60 minutes weekly class
  • Not partner need it!
Both Courses
  • 6 weeks course
  • 2 weekly class
  • Not partner need it!

day & time

  • Every Tuesday
    Salsa all levels: 19:00 – 20:30
    Bachata all levels: 20:30 – 21:30
  • Where: Dalkey Castle & Heritage Center, Castle St, Dalkey
  • Classes Rates
  • Salsa all levels offer of 6 weeks course for €65 (90 minutes class)
  • Bachata all levels offer of 6 weeks course for €50 (60 minutes class)
  • Both Salsa & Bachata Courses of 6 weeks for €100
  • Drop in:
  • Salsa €15 | Bachata €10
  • 2 classes €20
  • All Classes are paid on arrival

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